Welcome to the Jungle
Welcome to the Jungle
Crying over fictional characters and procrastinating
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never give up on your dreams

keep sleeping

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My neck, My back, My Netflix and my snacks.

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I let you in. I fucking let you in and you completely destroyed me.





vine trends that need to stop:

  • screaming in public places
  • white people saying nigga
  • scaring/hurting animals
  • making people uncomfortable on purpose to try and be awkward
  • harassing the homeless

disrespecting your mother

harassing people who work in the customer service industry

nash grier

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how do people approach celebrities on the street like i can’t even approach a worker in a store when i need help

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"if feminists want equality does this mean we can punch women now?"
go ahead chicken shit punch me in the fucking face. i will shove your entire upper body into your own ass and make you fuck yourself from the inside out

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me whenever i see a pigeon:nice
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